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Southwest Florida Building Inspections, LLC (SWFBI), is a knowledgeable, timeline sensitive project partner. Founded on the commitment to provide timely customer-focused, licensed plan review and inspection services.

We're Here to Help - Because Time is Money
Bogged down with permitting details?
Fed up with inspection scheduling?

Seven Ways a Building Contractor
Can Reduce Scheduling Problems
and Keep More Satisfied Customers

1. Make one call to SWFBI requesting courier pick-up of preliminary paperwork for preparation of the permit submittal

2. Receive delivery of an on-site permit package, typically issued in fewer days--due to time saved by Private Provider review

3. Have your inspections scheduled within specific times desired

4. See one inspector certified in all trades, who arrives ready to review the work and offer comments--as any project partner would

5. If an inspection should happen to fail, have the possibility of a re-inspection the same day

6. Enlist a service provider who is interested in expediting the project through the Florida Building Code inspections

7. Gain the ability to complete a project according to the original timeline plan
Advantages of Using
a Private Provider
  • Friendly and cooperative business relationship
  • Accurate and efficient document preparation
  • Permit submittal
  • Help with solving problems
  • Assistance with government process and protocol
Experience the improvement
of having the support
of a real partner
for building code inspections
Many builders in Southwest Florida have discovered the value 3rd party inspection services can bring to a project.

Southwest Florida Building Inspections, LLC (SWFBI), works hard to see that your project is completed according to the building code without delays.
Complete Residential and Commercial Plan Review and Inspections
Founded on the commitment
to provide timely, knowledgeable
and customer focused
licensed professional services