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Jonas Yoder Construction Group, Sarasota, FL  http://www.jonasyodercg.com/

I have had the pleasure of working with Southwest Florida Building Inspections (SWFBI) for approximately 8 years.

SWFBI is a reputable company that consistently provides quality plans review, permitting and inspection services. We have found their inspection service in particular to be an extremely important part of our ability to keep our jobs moving and complete them in a timely manner. Knowing that their inspector will arrive when we have requested them is invaluable.

Another positive attribute of SWFBI is that their inspectors are courteous, knowledgeable and certified in multiple disciplines which saves us both time and money.

 Jonas J. Yoder, President

SWIM INC., Sarasota, FL http://www.swim-inc.com/

We have been using the services of Southwest Florida Building Inspections and Kimes Engineering for a number of years. We use SWFBI to coordinate our plans review and prepare our permit packages. We feel confidant that our permit packages are put together in the best possible manner and that we will not experience any inconvenience during the submitting process. As a result, we are able to get our customers' jobs started without delays.

We appreciate knowing that the engineering requirements will be given careful attention. If any adjustments need to be made, Kent Kimes (Kimes Engineering) is able to make recommendations and provide accurate details that may save time and trouble in the long runKent has been instrumental in our success and we very much appreciate his help.  

Often in our business, timeliness means the difference between success and failure. When a builder needs a pool in the ground in a short space of time, every day is critical. All members of the SWFBI team have proven to be professional, reliable, and competent--working right along side of us to help us keep the respect we have worked hard to earn.

Dan Johnson, Swim Inc.